Kirsty meets her ‘date’

Kirsty, in her escort guise, and Bartlett are equally mortified to have been caught out. Bartlett offers to let Kirsty off the hook, but Kirsty still needs the money, and doesn’t want to be a charity case. Bartlett is concerned as Kirsty explains her situation with Kane, and offers to lend her all the money she needs so she can stop being an escort. But Kirsty refuses.

Things then get worse when Miles shows up with Leah, having been given Rachel’s tickets for the benefit. Kirsty fails to avoid them and is spotted by Miles. She tells him she was given a ticket to come down during her break. Miles falls for her lie and Bartlett backs her up, leaving Kirsty feeling guilty. The next day, Bartlett again offers to loan her the money, but she turns him down.

Nicole is disappointed when she arrives at Geoff’s, only to encounter Melody who is showing off some pamphlets she’s made for his school captain campaign. With Geoff totally oblivious to Melody’s efforts to impress him, Nicole leaves. Alone with Geoff, she suggests they watch a movie, and gets closer to him on the couch. The next day, Melody asks a stunned Nicole if she can help her get together with Geoff.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday December 5*