Kirsty pays the loan shark with money stolen from Carl

Kirsty steals money from Carl’s dresser after spending the night with him, thinking he’s still asleep. When Carl later sees Kirsty in the Vic, he pointedly mentions he’s been robbed, enjoying her discomfort. At the Brannings, Cora and the girls are confronted by the loan shark who has turned up to remove their possessions. Kirsty arrives just in time with Carl’s cash. Paying him off, Kirsty lies to Cora about where she got the money.

David questions Carol about Max’s involvement with Carl. Confronting Ian over his story that he was beaten up by kids, David pushes Ian’s buttons to get him to confess to helping Carl set up Max. With Ian refusing to back out of the deal, David tries – unsuccessfully – to scare Carl instead. When David insists Ian do the right thing, Ian warns David that Carl will kill them both.

Carol is getting stressed out with Max’s upcoming court case and the noise and chaos at home now that Terry and his kids have moved in. Realising how upset Carol is, Masood suggests that she moves in with him. Not sure what to say, Carol won’t give Masood an answer. Visiting Max in prison, Carol wonders whether to go for it.  Max thinks she should take Masood up on his offer.