Kirsty quits!

Nurse Kirsty Clements has had a rough ride since her arrival in Holby last May. Having silently suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Warren, she finally stood up to him with dramatic consequences – their young daughter Nita pushed him down the stairs!

This week Kirsty comes to a realisation about herself and her life… it’s time to take back control.

The turning point for Kirsty comes when an encounter with terminally ill patient Donna further cements her need for change.

Kirsty leaves (without working out her notice!), picks up her daughter from school and leaves Holby for good.

Also this week, Adam’s medical misdemeanours start to catch up with him…

Furious to find himself under investigation by Jordan, Adam is banished to CDU. And things get worse when paedophile Matthew Haddon is admitted with liver failure.