Lauren is livid when she discovers that Kirsty has spent the night with Max, while Kirsty acts as if she and Max are back together for good. After Jake encourages Lauren to give Max a break, she makes an effort, especially as Max is obviously upset about Tanya’s new man. Kirsty’s attempt at a family dinner ends in disaster when Max realises she’s put white wine in the sauce and served it to Lauren. Flinging the plate across the room, Max tells Kirsty to leave.

Denise shows off her engagement ring to Lucy, deciding to arrange an engagement party. In the Minute Mart, news of Denise’s engagement doesn’t put off Wayne, who continues to flirt. When Mick finds Wayne hanging around Walford he tries to get rid of him. Returning home, Denise and Ian are taken aback to find Wayne leaning against their gate.

Linda is upset when Tina asks Johnny to go to a gay club with her and Shirley, making Johnny uncomfortable. Determined not to let Johnny go out to the club, Linda tells him he’s booked in for a shift at the pub. As Tina and Shirley head out, Linda warns them not to cross her again.