Kirsty secretly returns to the Bay

Miles thinks he’s got closure over Kirsty as he packs up her things and takes them to Irene’s. But unbeknownst to Miles, Kirsty is at Irene’s, distraught after Kane ran off with Ollie following an argument. Irene lets her stay but Kirsty doesn’t want anyone to know she’s back in town. When Miles spots her he is stunned.

Charlie is organising the search and rescue team to find Hugo, when he strolls into the Surf Club after a night dive. Everyone’s relieved except Freya, who’s run off. Xavier finds Freya, who says she owes the drug dealer money. Feeling responsible, Xavier offers to meet the dealers instead.

When Ruby finds out, she borrows money and gives it to Freya, on condition that she leaves town. But when she sees Xavier nervously meeting the dealers she’s confused – they should have their cash. She realises Freya’s left and taken the money with her. Ruby sees the dealer punch Xavier, and then spots Charlie and Hugo so she calls them over and they intervene.

Hugo cleans Xavier’s wounds while Martha brings him a letter from Freya telling him she’s leaving Summer Bay. Xavier is devastated. He apologises to Ruby for all he’s put her through, and promises to pay her money back.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday March 11*

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