Max has come to terms with Kirsty’s pregnancy and suggests that they start telling people. When Abi finds out, she’s annoyed that Tanya and Lauren already know, but later congratulates Max and Kirsty. Attempting to take control of the mess she’s got herself in, Kirsty shocks Max by announcing in The Vic that they’re having a baby. Kat can’t believe Kirsty is keeping up her lie in the hope that she’ll get pregnant for real.

Janine tries to buy back Billy and Lola’s affections with a job offer and a cash gift, but Billy’s not having any of it. When Janine sees Alice with Scarlett she attempts to pick her up, but Michael stops her. Janine tries again with Billy and Lola, appealing to Lola as a mum who just wants to see her daughter, and wins them round. Janine tells a shaken Michael she wants full residency of Scarlett.

Bianca asks Ray to keep an eye on Liam when Liam offers to take Morgan and Tiff to school. When Liam catches Ray following, Ray deflects the situation by suggesting Liam go to the gym with him. Ray is shocked by the strength of Liam’s anger as he takes his frustration out on a punch bag. Later, Liam receives a text saying ‘Liam RIP’.