Kirsty wants to stay in the Bay

Kirsty is scared to tell Kane she wants to stop running, because that would mean leaving him. Irene is supportive, but with Oliver still in hospital, Kirsty and Kane are forced to stay in the caravan park and keep it secret. But being back at the caravan park only brings back Kirsty’s memories and strengthens her resolve to stay in Summer Bay.

Kirsty tells Kane she wants to stay in the Bay and thinks he should turn himself in. Little does she know he stole Leah’s cash from The Diner. And is that his only crime?

Roman is shocked to learn that he might be the father of Martha’s unborn baby, and thinks she should tell Jack, but Martha is unenthusiastic at the prospect. She’s surprised when Roman decides that he doesn’t need a baby in his life, and suggests they should just say it’s Jack’s. But Jack is immediately suspicious when he sees Roman comforting Martha and wonders if it might explain her strange behaviour.

Miles is frustrated that his efforts to get through to Jai aren’t having much effect. Later, after catching Jai in The Den’s kitchen, apparently getting himself a drink, Leah has a large sum of money stolen, and instantly concludes it was Jai.

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