Kirsty warns Max that Lauren is an alcoholic

A groggy Lauren wakes up at Max and Kirsty’s after being kicked out by Tanya. Worried about Lauren, Kirsty offers to call a doctor. Lauren insists she’s fine, and changes the subject, while Max is also dismissive. Max is shocked when Kirsty later insists to Max that she knows an addict when she sees one – Lauren is alcoholic and needs help.

Worried about Alice, Joey spends some time with her. Alice realises Joey knows about her one-night-stand with Michael and is horrified to discover that Joey hit him. Storming off, she steals a key ring from a stall. Bianca notices, warning her not to get herself into trouble. Joey tries again with Alice, who tells him that he’s too late offering his help and she flings open a cupboard door to reveal it’s full of stolen goods.

Carol is taken aback when Bianca gives her the letter from David that Peter passed on to them. When Bianca suggests hiring a private detective to find him, Carol thinks that the time is past and David won’t want to know. Learning that Ian found the letter in Derek’s lock box, Bianca searches the box for clues, calling a number that she finds in the hope of tracking down her dad.