Tyrone’s depressed over his break-up with Kirsty, so when Tina spots her heading over she blocks her way. Kirsty accuses her of fancying Tyrone and a scuffle breaks out. Tommy breaks it up, but Kirsty’s expression shows this is far from over. When she then sees Tina getting into Tyrone‘s car she follows in her police car. The blue lights start flashing behind, but realising it’s Kirsty, Tina refuses to pull over. Kirsty gives chase and when Tina slams on the brakes the police car piles into the back of them.

While Peter insists to Carla that they need to keep their relationship secret, Frank meets with a private investigator to have the pair followed. It’s a lot to deal with on the day of his dad’s funeral and Sally sees a vulnerable man. But Sally’s won over, when Frank says he doesn’t want to be alone tonight.

Becky‘s looking forward to her date with Danny when Steve and Tracy tell her that her deal with Lloyd for Streetcars isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Also, Dev’s given Amber the day off; Sunita quits and Stella offers her a job in the Rovers; Stella and Karl are turned down for a mortgage; Michelle and Anna try to bolster Katy.