Kirsty is still reeling after being given an official warning by Bartlett, and worries about the possibility of losing her job. When Jai comes to her school office looking for twenty dollars for an excursion, she’s embarrassed not to have the money herself, and risks taking it from the petty cash. Then, with a bill looming, and unwilling to swallow her pride and borrow cash from Miles, she borrows a few hundred more.

When Bartlett later catches Jai returning the money, he assumes he’s stealing it. Kirsty is forced to admit she lent it to him, prompting Bartlett to deliver Kirsty her second official warning. Later, Kirsty is returning the cash she borrowed, only to be caught by Bartlett. He delivers the final warning and Kirsty is out of a job.

As soon as he hears what’s happened, Miles heads to Bartlett’s office where he angrily points out that Kirsty has a case against Bartlett for sexual harassment if she chooses to take it to the police. Bartlett is forced to offer Kirsty her job back. But Kirtsy is angry at Miles for interfering and turns Bartlett’s offer down.

Also, Colleen sets up Alf and Bridget, and Martha returns to work after chemo.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday November 7*

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