Kirsty’s secret is exposed!

Adam discovers the truth about Kirsty’s domestic abuse this week. When the unhappy nurse complains of an aching back, Adam is suspicious as to what’s causing it. But the senior staff nurse refuses to be drawn on the real cause of her pain, blaming it on a tussle she had with her daughter Nina.

Suspecting possible fractures Kirsty secretly arranges to have her injuries X-rayed and after Adam sees the results first, finally admits that her husband Warren has been beating her. When her violent spouse later makes a surprise visit to ED, Adam hints that he knows what’s going on…

Tess tries to convince the gang to show Ruth some love after her ordeal with Edward, but they’re dubious. And Ruth doesn’t do herself any favours when she goes on the warpath about a missing audit book.

Henry is unwilling to change his mind on giving Jordan a surgical position. But after Jordan is kidnapped at knifepoint and proves his dedication to the job, Henry softens and reopens the application to him.

Tess finds Ruth’s missing audit book. It’s full or ramblings and rants. Could she be mentally ill?

Kirsty returns home to a furious Warren. Will he go too far this time?