Kissing cousins! Lauren makes a move on Joey

Max offers to let Joey move in when he finds him sleeping in the car lot office. Derek isn’t happy, but Max thinks Derek should build bridges. When Derek tries to give Joey his granddad’s watch Joey throws it in a pint glass. At the club, Lauren turns up in a drunken state. Joey keeps a close eye and gets rid of some lads hassling her. At the end of the evening, Joey and Lauren head home. Lauren moves in for a kiss and is humiliated when Joey backs off.

Sharon refuses to lie for Lola on Lexi’s residency order. Defeated, Lola claims that Lexi is better off without her. When Lexi arrives for her visit a heartbroken Lola tells her daughter that her new parents will give her a wonderful life. Just as Phil is about to tell social worker Trish the truth about Sharon, she walks in and introduces herself as Phil’s fiancee!

Christian lies to Syed that he was the victim of a gay bashing to explain away his bruises. When Syed wants Christian to go to the police, Christian says he’d rather forget all about it. Roxy finds out and urges Christian to report the attack, suspicious that there’s something he’s not saying.