Kit gets Kim involved with Archie

Despite her feelings for Kim, Kit resolves there has to be a place in baby Archie’s life for him. Kim, meanwhile is pleased to spend time with Archie and excited about getting his old job back at the gym.

As Kim, Kit and baby Archie have a family photograph taken together, Kit is unsettled when the photographer, Prue, starts flirting with Kim and assumes they are living together.

Later, Alf asks Kim to help him hose down some rescue boat equipment, but Kim ends up getting a massive electric shock.

Rachel is uncomfortable when she gets a visit from Ingrid, the girl who slept with Hugh a few nights ago. The longer Ingrid stays, the more uptight Rachel gets. Later, at the Diner, Rachel lays into Hugh about the way he treated Ingrid and Hugh makes it clear it’s none of her business.

Fed up, Hugh responds to Martha’s advert for a new flatmate. He then runs into Ingrid on the beach, where she suggests that Rachel is the reason Hugh is not interested in her.

With his romantic interest in Martha slowly rekindling, Jack applies to be Martha’s flatmate. But he’s sorry to find he’s too late – Martha has already given the room to Hugh.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday August 14*

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