Kit’s confused about her kiss with Kim

Still reeling from her unexpected kiss with Kim, confused Kit masks her true feelings and claims the kiss was a product of her vulnerable emotional state. Kim believes her and they both agree not to tell Rachel.

Fuelled by his guilt over the kiss, Kim apologises to Rachel for his recent immature behaviour, and the couple warmly embrace in front of Hugh. Feeling uncomfortable about his growing feelings for Rachel, Hugh decides to move out. Rachel and Kim try to convince him to change his mind, with Rachel making an emotional plea for him to stay. She’s relieved when he agrees.

Jules’ first day at Summer Bay High doesn’t go too well, with Cassie unimpressed to learn he lied about visiting Lily in hospital. However, when she reads his heartfelt letter to Lily, and he opens up – admitting he feels he always ends up hurting the people he loves most, she’s forced to reassess her opinion of him. However, Jules feels so uncomfortable by his lapse into vulnerability, that he goes to drastic lengths to push Cassie away and vandalises a helpline poster, leaving Cassie horrified.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday July 31*

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