Harry and Nancy bring the injured Kitty to hospital and Frank rushes to her side. After some TLC, Kitty’s allowed home to recuperate. As she struggles to relay the details of the incident to Inspector Johnson, it dawns on Frank that his wife’s assailants must have been the same ex-servicemen, Charlie and Silas, whom he was plying with alcohol earlier that day.


Frank keeps quiet, and instead tries to persuade Kitty not to seek justice. But she wants her attackers to pay for what they’ve done.


Meanwhile Victor is shocked when Elsa reveals she served Frank, Charlie and Silas alcohol out of hours, and he goes to visit Kitty and Frank. Kitty’s appalled as Frank is forced to admit his involvement. Later, Kitty successfully identifies her attackers and they’re arrested. But she still struggles to forgive Frank.


Elsewhere, Agnes decides the only way for her to help Henri get better is for them to leave Selfridges and London for good. After biding a sad farewell to two of his closest allies, Harry decides to seize the day and rushes to tell Nancy that he wants to be with her and they passionately embrace…