A two-part Channel 5 documentary about the Australian tree-dwelling marsupials – Koalas: Cute & Cuddly – don’t you believe it!

While the koala does indeed have a very cute appearance and apparently tranquil tree-hugging nature, this little creature actually has 
a bellow loud enough to be heard a kilometre away and the males will viciously fight to the death to protect their territory.

This two-part documentary dispels several untruths about the furry Australian marsupial, including the myth that it gets high on the eucalyptus leaves it eats.

Secret Life of the Koala

Fiercely protective of its young and territory

But, unfortunately, as is the case with many wild animals, koala numbers are dwindling – and the footage of a small group of koalas clinging to the trees as construction for a new railway line takes place below them makes for pretty uncomfortable viewing.

TV Times rating: ***