Kris and Nancy get steamy

Nancy lets Sarah stay until she can sort things out. Later, Kris takes a bottle of wine round to Nancy’s to cheer Sarah up, but she’s already gone to bed. Kris and Nancy make the most of it and finally give into each other with a passionate kiss.

After hearing about Mike and Zoe’s split, Michaela is convinced she is the one to console Mike. However, she rushes off when she finds out that Sarah and Zoe slept together, remembering she has left Zak alone with Zoe in halls. Meanwhile, with nowhere else to go, Zoe asks Zak for somewhere to stay and confides in him about her feelings for Mike. Michaela is convinced Zoe is making a move on Zak, and bursts into halls, finding Zoe half naked. Furious, Michaela launches herself at Zoe and they have a fight.

Amy and Josh excitedly tell Mike the news of their engagement, but are confused when he doesn’t react. Amy is disgusted when Mike tells them about Sarah and Zoe’s fling and heads round to confront Sarah, telling her exactly what she thinks of her.

Also, after returning home from Mexico, Dominic is unhappy at seeing how untidy Ste and Justin have left the flat, and decides it’s time to move out.

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