Kris and Ravi have some fun

Kris offers to help Ravi win Nancy back and decorates The Loft for a romantic night. Meanwhile, Nancy opts to stay in and comfort Sarah after she is humiliated on Kris’s radio show. Ravi is upset to get a text from Nancy saying she is not coming, but he and Kris seize the opportunity to have some fun with each other…

Frankie and Newt’s arrival at Steph‘s flat causes frazzled tempers. Steph attempts to keep the kids out of trouble by enrolling them in a dance class. But Steph is unimpressed with the quality of Mrs Lomax’s dance moves and takes it upon herself to show her exactly how it’s done. But when Mrs Lomax calls security, Steph, Holly and Tom are kicked out.

Over at Mobs, Cindy is in full flirt mode when Ash drops by and she manages to persuade him to invite her round tomorrow. Back at home, she decides to move into Frankie’s old flat.

Newt and Lauren decide to take advantage of Frankie’s empty old flat as a den. Meanwhile, in class, Theresa drops Anita in it when Russ intercepts a note meant for Newt. Anita is mortified when she is forced to read out loud the note asking Newt out on a date.

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