Kris and Zak get physical!

Kris and Zak launch a fitness class to earn some extra cash and get hold of some herbal tablets called Horny Goat Weed which they plan to pass off as diet pills. Elliot is back from Wales and agrees to try a tablet to make sure it’s safe. Elliot gets drunk and ruins the boys’ scheme by telling Myra and the other ladies that they’re useless. Elliot is left with the batch of pills and when he’s found by a policeman he’s arrested!

Josh is despondent when he picks up his A level results and sees his poor grades in black and white. Meanwhile, Michaela is pleasantly surprised to discover she’s done a lot better than expected. Josh struggles to find a place in clearing and Michaela suggest they both apply to HCC to minimise their debts. Josh confesses to his disappointed family that he hasn’t got into Kings College after Michaela lets it slip.

Abi panics about where Daniel could have taken Lucas. Sarah is alarmed when she finds out that Lucas is gone and calls the police. Daniel saunters in with the baby and manages to put all the blame onto Ste. Daniel is pleased when Ste agrees to hand Lucas over to Daniel and Abi for good, convinced he’s a bad father.

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