Kris begs Ravi not to fight

Ravi is getting ringing in his ear and it makes him edgy and he lashes out at Anita. Ravi is furious when Ash tells him that he’s taken out a loan and put the lot on Ravi to win his next fight. Ravi runs into Kris, who begs him to stop with the fighting and he offers him cash to pull out. Ravi takes the money and hands it over to Ash to pay back his loan. Ash is fuming and tries to convince him to change his mind.

Lauren goes on a date with Wade but she feels uncomfortable when he starts to get over-amorous. Newt sees them and steps in but Lauren is furious when Wade leaves. Lauren tells Anita and Theresa that she’s intending to take things further with Wade. Lauren meets Wade in Evissa and they get it on.

Archie suggests to the lads that they take £250 each as a taster of what’s to come and they all jump at the chance. Archie suggests they head to the pub to celebrate and buys drinks for everyone but he’s gutted when he realises that he’s blown the lot. Archie and Zak come to blows, while Elliot confesses to stealing the money and replacing it.

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