Kris boosts Zoe’s ego

Zoe gets a job with reality channel Buff TV. Kris points out that the channel is sleazy but Zoe ignores his worries and quits the call centre. Zoe starts to doubt her own abilities and is given an ego boost by Kris. Nancy is jealous and organises a protest with Archie against Buff TV’s exploitation of women, which Zoe determines to ignore.

Lydia joins Nancy and Archie’s protest against Buff TV when she sees Sarah talking to Zoe while she works on her TV project. Lydia confesses her heartbreak to Charlotte and when Charlotte tries to comfort her she moves in for an unwanted kiss. Sarah sees them arguing and intervenes and Lydia infuriates Sarah and leaves Charlotte feeling confused about Lydia’s feelings for her.

Darren is determined to sabotage new Dog chef Dom. The Dog customers become nauseous and Neville fires Dom for poisoning his punters. Cindy is furious when she realises that Darren was behind the food poisoning scare and points out that he could ruin Il Gnosh’s reputation along with Dom with his prank and lower the value of the business. Darren is devastated when Cindy tells him that relations between them are strictly business from now on.

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