Zak wakes up as Archie tells a stunned Elliot that the kidnap was all a set up for him to make off with the money. Meanwhile, Kris sends a text to the others, he is about to turn himself in. Elliot and Zak race to stop him with the news that the kidnapping was all a scam.

Kris, Elliot and Zak receive a call from Ged who again demands the cash in return for Archie. Refusing to believe it a second time around, Kris and Zak are dismissive, but Elliot feels obliged to rescue their friend. Ged is holding Archie hostage on the roof of HCC. Kris decides to throw the cash into the wind and Ged follows in hot pursuit. Archie’s left, abandoned by his friends.

Josh and Dave are far from impressed at Hayley’s trick and she offers India an apology. Later, Josh and Hayley find a goodbye note from her, but they’re interrupted by Suzanne, replacing all the food she’s removed from the flat with healthy substitutes. The penny finally drops for Hayley and Josh.

Also; Theresa asks Michaela to lend her the cash for a modelling shoot; Mercedes notices cash falling from the sky and Theresa and Michaela rush over to claim their share, they’re London bound!