Made increasingly paranoid by the news that Kris is HIV positive, Zoe frantically scrubs her university halls clean. Later, Zoe and Will are giving Jessica a pep-talk when a defiant Kris emerges from his room wearing a Mary Quant dress, ready to take on the world. But over at The Dog, his strange behaviour raises Jack’s suspicions. Later, when Will, Zoe and Jessica turn up, things erupt between Kris and Jack, with Kris forced to make a painful admission…

Jacqui is having a hard time finding a job, but cheers up when she hears about a position as a trainee nail technician at Evissa. But Louise isn’t exactly keen to take on an ex-prison inmate, and despite Jacqui’s pleas, turns her down. Sympathetic to Jacqui’s plight, Tony offers her a consolation job as a pot washer at Il Gnosh, but unfortunately Jacqui doesn’t appreciate his good intentions and heads home in a sulk.

In an attempt to impress Sonny, Michaela wears Jacqui’s favourite red “pulling shoes”, but Sonny remains elusive, afraid that being seen with Michaela will make him look uncool in front of his mates.

Also, Louise comforts a grieving Nancy, and Jack gives Justin some cash to stay out of everyone’s way.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday March 21*