Kris pulls a bloke

Kris takes Elliot for a night out at The Loft, and Jessica attempts to get her own back on Kris by snogging him. However, Kris gets the better of her, when he tells her not to wait up as he goes to pull a bloke…

Becca’s worries that her son Charlie deserves better care than she can provide, and struggles to make a decision for his future. Meanwhile Jack is concerned by Frankie’s eagerness to help Becca, worrying that she may become too attached to baby Charlie.

A heartbroken Dominic’s thoughts are on Tina, but meanwhile she is stunned to learn that Myra is the cause of all her problems. Tina pays Dominic a visit to tells him who is really responsible for their crabs. But the saga is set to continue, as Russ begins to itch!

A smitten Elliot arrives at Jessica’s armed with information to help with her article, but he’s disappointed by her disinterest. Despite last night’s heated row, Jessica and Kris almost give into their feelings, but resort to their feuding ways when Elliot interrupts them.