Kris struggles to cope with the pressure of knowing that Mercedes is having an affair. As talk turns to Kris’s trip, Kris is unable to bear Mercedes’ sarcastic comments and he lets rip. Dragging Kris from the Dog, Malachy demands that he apologises to Mercedes, but he’s floored when Kris tells him what he saw.

India causes a stir when she reveals to Zak that Hayley’s pregnant. Zak sees Rhys drinking at the bar, and shoves him before announcing to everyone Hayley’s pregnant. As the news sinks in, Hayley arrives and Rhys, Zak and Hayley contemplate the future. Wanting to escape, Hayley heads off before telling a relieved Rhys not to worry, he’s not the father. Meanwhile, Zak’s decided he can’t leave Hayley and go travelling, and Zoe receives a shock when Kris also pulls out of the trip.

Malachy’s adamant that Kris should treat Mercedes as if nothing has happened. Kris is horrified to hear Malachy admit he already knew about Mercedes’ affair. Seeking out Mercedes, she tells him Calvin’s put her on a double shift. Malachy realises it’s over between them.

Also, Michaela turns to Mike as her frustrations about Zoe intensify. Dolling out some fatherly advice, Michaela falls into his arms as her paranoia over Zak fancying Zoe intensifies.

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