Kris and Malachy head over to the McQueen’s to find out who survived the church blast. Insensitive Malachy bursts in, demanding answers, but after discovering the terrible truth from a grieving Myra, Malachy apologies and leaves.

The brothers return to Halls where they encounter Darren, who reveals the truth about their father, Eamon. Malachy and Kris are stunned to hear their dad is dead, and are even more furious to discover Darren passed him off as Jack.

Worried the police are going to catch up with him, Darren vows to stop Frankie confessing all. He visits Newt in hospital where he assures him that Frankie is sorry and it’s Newt’s responsibility to stop her from handing herself in to the police, or Newt could be going back in to care. Newt agrees and Frankie is pleased to see that Newt could possibly forgive her.

Meanwhile, Darren panics when the police arrive at The Dog and makes a run for it as Cindy covers for him. But feeling guilty for allowing his dad to take the rap for his fake suicide, he changes his mind and heads to the police station.

Also, Ste reluctantly goes to his first anger management session.

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