Kris tells Nancy he’s had enough!

Loretta moves into Hannah’s old room but feels guilty about her secret involvement with Jake. Kris wants to talk to Nancy but when she sees him and Hannah together she says she wants nothing to do with either of them. Loretta encourages Nancy to make amends with Kris, but Nancy’s left stunned when Kris tells her he’s had enough.

Theresa’s making Anita’s life hell at the McQueen’s, and not getting the attention she wants from Leila, she storms off. Later, Leila’s horrified when Hannah informs her Anita might have an eating disorder. Worried, Leila finds Anita, but it seems like she’s been worrying for nothing. However, things take a turn for the worse later when Theresa taunts Anita.

Carmel’s full of pride as she works together with her family in Evissa, completely oblivious to the fact that Myra’s stealing half her stock. But she’s furious when she discovers the stock in Myra’s bag and fires her on the spot. Carmel decides her village needs her and dusts down her old uniform.

Also; Dominic realises life’s too short when he sees Loretta getting on with her life and decides to go on holiday. Ste’s shocked when Natty turns up, and asks him to move into the flat while Dominic’s away.

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