Kris wants Cheryl out!

Cheryl is in the clear for the death of her ex-boss and Kris demands that she stop sponging and get out. Cheryl fails to get a job with Steph at the dance class but she won’t give in and asks for a job at MOBS instead. A short-staffed Steph agrees to take her on and Kris is horrified when Cheryl announces she’s staying in the village and renting next door!

Leo is determined to bring his family back together but he gets short shrift from a grieving Sasha. Leo struggles to comfort Spencer, who reveals his worry Warren died thinking he hated him. Later, Calvin confesses to Leo about letting Warren die and admits he’s eaten up with guilt. Leo turns to Carmel for help and she has words of comfort for everyone as the family scatter Warren’s ashes, united again.

Steph decides that she needs to move on from Max and she hires Mercedes and Malachy to redecorate the flat. Frankie thinks Steph is foolish to employ the hapless pair and is proved right when Steph gets home to find paint everywhere and Mercedes and Malachy making out. Steph feels down and Frankie tries to cheer her up and offers to help her move on with her life.

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