Zak invites himself to London with Kris, while Steph uses the cancer card forcing them to take Jake with them. They all leave for London, as a heartbroken Michaela watches on.

Ravi’s anxious to get his own back on Des, but Jacqui needs him to be patient. She wants to do things her way. Meanwhile, Des tells Rose he thinks Jacqui will forgive him, and then he’s going to give her their mother’s ring. When he meets up with Jacqui, he gets down on one knee and proposes again.

Jasmine heads to a shack, where she sends Bart a text saying she can’t meet him, and then starts getting changed. While Carl is out looking for her, he stumbles across a gang of louts graffitiing in the village. When he chases after them, they split up, and we follow a kid called Jason. Away from Carl and his friends we find out Jason isn’t all he seems.

Also; Brendan wants to help Cheryl buy The Loft and sets her up with Danny Houston. Malachy doesn’t trust Brendan, and Carl agrees knowing full well he’s a gangster. Malachy objects when he sees Mercedes flirting with Brendan. She’s unrepentant, so when mysterious stranger Veronica starts flirting with Malachy, he finds himself responding, but she has another agenda.

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