Zoe bumps into Mike, and he’s left questioning his own reasons for not going with her. Prompted by Zak, Zoe decides she’s going it alone. She and Nancy are interrupted by a knock at the door and Zoe is both shocked and delighted to see that it’s Mike. As the cab starts to pull away, Gilly spots Kris running behind; Zoe jumps out and the trio set off.

Cheryl sets about winding Steph up about Fernando and a fight breaks out between the girls. Cheryl ends up telling Steph that Gilly loves her, persuading her to go and tell him how she feels. Elsewhere, on hearing the news that Mike’s joining Zoe on her travels, Hannah offers Gilly her InterRail ticket.

Hannah informs Steph of Gilly’s imminent departure and she sets off for the village in a race against time. Gilly receives a text message from Steph, but Rhys tosses his phone into the bin before he even has the chance to read it. But Steph doesn’t make it in time to stop him.

Also; Amy tells her Dad to go travelling, and lies that she is moving in with Ste. After Amy has surprised Ste by arriving on his doorstep with her bags, Ste vows not to let Mike down.