When Myra assumes Elliot is John-Paul’s new boyfriend, John-Paul urges him to go along with it, as people will think they’re together as a couple and they could really get up to some mischief. The pair then set up a pirate radio station to sabotage Kris’s radio show. Summer tells Kris they’ve both got a major role in HCC’s production of The Rocky Horror Show. But their celebrations are cut short when Kris’s radio signals are hijacked and the mystery pirates take over.

Tina is riddled with guilt when she wakes up to find Russ in bed beside her. Later, the McQueens are shocked when Tina arrives home to announce her marriage is over, and Myra insists Tina should still go away on a planned holiday with Dom. Tina returns home, and an apologetic Dom assumes everything is back on track.

Rhys feels uncomfortable as he watches Gilly make a fuss of Beth. Later, Rhys and Beth are given a painful reminder of their shared parentage when Neville tells them they must use the occasion of Noel’s birthday to scatter his ashes. Back at the Ashworths, Rhys lies in his room in tears as Beth decides to give her relationship with Gilly a proper chance.