Kush attacks Masood!

Carmel and Masood realise they’re in big trouble when Kush also sees them in bed together! Although Carmel and Masood try to explain, Kush is furious, forcing Masood to scarper. Back home, Masood finds Fatima, opening up about his feelings. Shabnam is horrified when she walks in on Masood and Fatima about to kiss! When the truth comes out, Kush attacks Masood. Annoyed, Fatima makes a quick exit, followed by a disgusted Shabnam.

Things get taken outside, with Masood trying to explain his actions. When Kush sees the commotion he is even angrier, attacking Masood. Mick calms down Kush, encouraging him to leave Masood and return to the stag do. Shabnam apologises to Masood for being harsh with him, making a worrying confession. She reveals she can’t remember the last time she felt her baby kick…

Martin returns home, attempting to talk to Stacey, but he’s too drunk to manage a conversation. Worried about Martin’s lack of responsibility, Stacey’s doubts about their relationship grow.

Also, Tina tries to bring Mick and Shirley back together. Lee is concerned when he discovers Whitney’s lied about her plans.