Kush falls apart as he relives his past

Kush visits Shabnam, breaking down on her as he opens up about his past. Hopeful that they’ve moved things forward after their heart-to-heart, Shabnam is disappointed when Kush insists he’s not ready to marry. After thinking things through, Shabnam decides that despite Kush’s inability to commit, she can’t be without him. Masood is not happy when they reveal they’re an item again.

Martin storms out of the pub after his outburst, while a mortified Sonia escapes to the toilets. Bursting into the Beales’ where Rebecca is hanging out with Cindy and Liam, Martin tells Rebecca her mum is a lesbian! Sonia arrives, trying to reason with Martin and Rebecca, who tells Sonia she wishes she wasn’t her mum. Forced with choosing between her daughter and Tina, Sonia makes a decision.

Donna is put out by her foster mum’s unexpected arrival, as Pam and her mum both fuss over her after the set-to with Martin and Fatboy in the Vic. Insisting that there’s nothing romantic between her and Fatboy, Donna tells the ladies to keep out of her love life. Later, Donna is surprised when Fatboy arrives at her door to apologise.

Also, Ian and Jane return and discover Martin’s homeless and has been sleeping in his van.