Kyle agrees to do an illegal job to help Brax

Brax confirms that he’s not really interested in the business, and Ricky tells Kyle that Brax is in debt. He investigates the accounts and sees the 10,000 dollars that has been transferred out. Kyle wants to talk about it with Brax, but Ricky warns him to stay out of it. Brax notices how worried Kyle is but Kyle deflects and comes to Ricky who offers him an illegal job that could make him money fast.

John needs to resubmit an application to adopt Jett and Molly tells the two of them will be spoken to by counsellors. Marilyn cautions him not to tell Jett yet, but John’s made a promise to Jett to tell the truth. But after seeing how happy he is in class John decides to withhold the truth just a little longer.

Indi apologises to Chris for snapping at him, and he offers for them to hang out as friends. In an attempt to move forward Indi decides to catch up with people. April’s shocked to hear Steph and Dex have broken up, and that he has had a seizure. Regardless, Indi asks her to come help her with paperwork. At the gym, Chris starts flirting with April, but she gets bored quickly. She tells Indi she’s not interested as Dex is her soul mate.