There’s a bustle of activity as the Erinsborough Farm Day gets underway. Danni, as the main sponsor, has volunteered Brennan and Chris for the day while she and Kate man the lemonade stand. Callum takes Nell to the petting zoo, and Susan and Sheila’s competitive edge get the best of them. As the day progresses, the attraction grows between Kate and Brennan, and Georgia and Kyle. Meanwhile, Kyle and Brennan go head to head in a tug-of-war.

Rebecca is thrown when Paul surprises her with breakfast and a confession – he knows she told Susan she’s only staying in Erinsborough out of guilt. But Paul is sure Rebecca truly loves him. Rebecca buckles but when she confronts Susan about breaking her confidence, Susan reminds her that love never grows from guilt. Remembering their troubled relationship, Rebecca breaks the news to a heartbroken Paul – she’s leaving for good.

Danni learns her ex-boyfriend, Stephen, has been bailed and she is worried he will track her down. When Callum sees a stranger sneaking into Brennan’s house he raises the alarm. Brennan manages to keep it from Danni, but he rushes over when he learns Kate could be in the house, and therefore in danger.