Carmel’s heartbroken when she discovers that her wedding has somehow been cancelled. Mercedes keeps quiet as she watches her sister panic, Carmel’s distracted however when the girls announce they are taking her to Spain. The plans soon change and the hens and stags both end up in The Loft. When Calvin spots Kyle dealing drugs he goes to stop him, but Kyle and his mates get the better of him. Malachy watches on as Calvin gets beaten.

Anita confirms Sasha’s fears and reveals that Lauren beat her up on Gaz’s say so. Sasha comes to a decision and goes to the police station. While Lauren and Sasha hang out at home there is a knock at the door, Gaz is frantic revealing to Lauren that he’s wanted by the police. Lauren and Gaz are furious, and Lauren is in for a bigger shock.

Steph is on edge when Jem comes looking for advice. After reading Steph’s love letter to Gilly, Jem is out for revenge and what at first seems to be an innocent business meeting soon turns into a confrontation. Jem orders her to stay away from Gilly.

Also; Zak is furious after Michaela’s betrayal. When they meet in The Loft, Michaela explains her feelings of betrayal and lack of trust.

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