Kyle and Gary grow closer

When Sheila accuses Gary of hocking Kyle’s tools, Gary reveals his innocence by unveiling a set of ‘hot’ tools he’s bought to replace the ones he lost. But when Gary sees Kyle struggling financially from the loss of work no tools has meant, Gary earns some quick cash on the sly to help. With Gary’s gesture bringing him and Kyle closer, he chases up more underhanded work with a local king pin.

Sonya goes to see Erin in custody, but leaves feeling guiltier than ever. When Toadie receives a call from his Chilean clients asking him to fly over, he’s reluctant. But with Erin safely behind bars, Sonya urges him to go. However, just as Toadie takes off, news emerges that Erin’s been released on bail and Brennan is shocked to learn that Sonya is the one who paid it.

Karl returns from the pet shop with a Mexican walking fish, much to Susan’s irritation. Nate and Chris plant the idea in Karl’s head that his new pet is dangerous, so he decides to offload his creepy new pet to a hapless Chris.