Ricky’s worried about Kyle’s decision to keep seeing Isla. When Isla reveals she has one more job to do for Dave, Kyle offers her a place to stay and the pair are soon jumping into bed together.

Dylan asks Kat if she’s free to have dinner again but she wants to be around for Hannah who is undergoing her operation the following day. Later, Dylan turns up at the Farm House with flowers for Hannah, which touches Kat. Afterwards, Dylan asks her to dinner again, but Phoebe makes it clear that Kat’s busy.

At Hannah’s ‘send off’ party, the girls share their thoughts on Hannah’s decision and Irene talks about her own cancer battle. Everything is going swimmingly, until Hannah overhears Billie condemning her decision. A distraught Hannah leaves the party and finds Chris – who organises a pre-op photo shoot with Ricky, which brings the couple closer together.