As Terese tries to pull together the wedding brochure photo shoot under the judgmental eye of Paul, Mason struggles to let go of the fact Kate had a one-night stand with Brennan. Later, Kate gets a shock when she is roped in at the last minute to play the bride in the photo shoot, only to discover her opposite model playing the groom is Kyle.

Lucas catches Walter in the Men’s Shed with beer and assumes he’s drinking. Walter goes along with the back-story he’s been forced to inherit and confesses to Sonya, who’s relieved he has reached out to her.

She suggests they attend an AA meeting together. Meanwhile, Walter has his own plans, which involve stealing Sheila’s keycard to withdraw money from her bank account. Sheila thinks he has romantic designs on her and is none the wiser, but after a run-in with Karl and Kyle, Walter may be starting to develop a conscience.

When Callum sees Bailey and Rani holding hands he’s devastated. Bailey invites Callum to join them for a milkshake at Harold’s but Callum declines. Later, Bailey comes over to try to reconnect with his pal; he has no idea Callum is upset. Meanwhile, Rani asks Susan if she can speak to her about something she can’t go to her father about.