Kyle and Phoebe head to hospital with Ash and Hannah and finally hear some encouraging news about the baby. With Phoebe feeling positive, Ash is worried that she’s getting her hopes up. Wanting to enjoy the moment, the pair go for a picnic but their lunch comes to screeching halt when Phoebe suffers pregnancy pains. Ash rushes her to hospital, where Hannah tells them Phoebe has lost the baby.

Nate tells Marilyn that if she doesn’t remember things in the next two weeks, she may lose her memory forever. Distraught, she asks him to track down her ex-husband Don Fisher, as she loved him very much. Unfortunately, John overhears the conversation and is left heartbroken. However, Marilyn is over the moon when Irene visits and promises to help her get her life back.

Nate is feeling nervous about his return to work, but Kat gives him some moral support that manages to lift his spirits. However, Nate’s mood is quickly dampened when he learns that James will be supervising for the coming weeks.