Xanthe rushes to the hospital when she learns Sheila has suffered a suspected heart attack. There, she’s questioned by a woman from the DHS, who reveals because Sheila is Xanthe’s legal guardian, the DHS will have to take her into care. Kyle admits he made the report while angry and Xanthe is stunned by this betrayal. Susan picks up on Nene’s sweet spot for Karl, and although she treats the situation good-naturedly, it’s clear she’s got reservations.

Meanwhile, Nene makes it clear Paul isn’t off the hook – he owes her, and he can start by supporting her in her quest to find a job in Erinsborough.

Brad’s dismayed when he sees how ‘mature’ Paige’s date is, learning he’s her tutor at Uni. Brad and Lauren tell Mark where Paige is going and he seeks her out to confirm what he’s heard. She tells him she needs to get over him, and he should be doing the same. Stung, Mark throws himself into looking for a new match online.