Kyle realises his kiss with Kate was a mistake and resolves to tell Jade the truth, much to Kate’s horror. But Jade decides to confess first, revealing that Troy was her abusive ex-boyfriend. Seeing his girlfriend’s emotional turmoil, Kyle decides to keep his betrayal to himself and tells Kate that the only way they can handle the situation is to cut contact completely, much to her disappointment. He confronts Troy, however, and narrowly avoids hitting him, deciding the best way to support Jade is just to be there for her.

Tash fears that Summer will come out with an ‘I told you so’ when she hears the news that she’s changed course but in reality Summer couldn’t care less. Meanwhile, Tash’s slovenly living habits start to have an impact on the household and Summer starts to get fed up with her housemate. The tension eventually erupts and Tash tells Summer to have her gloat about the course swap, but Summer sets her straight – she doesn’t care about the swap! She’s just sick of living in a pigsty.