Kyle’s frustrated when he receives lots of bills and despite saving, he’s still struggling to raise the funds to set up his own business. Jade encourages him to ask Lou for a raise, but he’s reluctant. With a bit of a push, Kyle does ask Lou for more money but when he won’t agree, Kyle challenges Lou to a car-selling contest.

The stakes are high with Kyle betting all his savings on winning. At the car yard the competition’s high, but Lou plays dirty and tells Kyle’s customer that they’re closed just as she’s about to buy a car, making Lou the winner. Seeing the bet through, Kyle hands over his savings to Lou but Lou doesn’t take it, instead he takes the opportunity to wind Kyle up, who tells Lou he can stick his job.

Struggling with not being able to see Ivan, Tash hangs out with Chris, Summer and Andrew in a bid to take her mind off him. However, back at home she can’t resist the temptation of looking at Ivan’s Facebook page and is upset when she sees pictures of him with another girl. She eventually weakens, sends him a message and the pair meet up.

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