Kyle comes home for Christmas!

Val’s smiling, Pollard’s smiling, even the social worker is smiling as Amy has decided to take Kyle home from hospital. The only one not smiling is Amy; she’s already wondering if she’s doing the right thing. She knows it’s what Zak wants and she knows it’s what Val wants, but she doesn’t know if it’s really what she wants. He’s her son, but he’s also Cain’s son – and Cain never wanted him. Back home with Val and Pollard, Amy tries to convince herself this will be the best Christmas ever, but she’s not doing a great job.

Alicia’s definitely not having the best Christmas ever. She feels Andy is neglecting her and Jacob and devoting all his attention to Sarah. Well, the little girl could be dying!

Nikhil’s worried about Jai and desperately wants to confide in Gennie, to tell her all about how Jai nobbled Cain’s car just before Cain was nobbled, then had it nicked so no one would know. And how now the police have the car and Cain’s statement that Jai attacked him, so it’s really not looking good for his brother. Trouble is, Jai has sworn Nikhil to secrecy, so there’s only so much he can tell Gennie and none of it makes him feel better.