Kyle confronts Liam

Kyle confronts Liam over taking money from the till at Angelo’s and Liam’s only excuse is that he’s owed it for all the hard work he’s put in while Heath and Brax have been absent. Kyle’s not having it, however, saying he needs to take that up with Brax. Later, Brax notices the money’s missing but Kyle only says he’ll double check the books. The next day, Liam learns that Kyle hasn’t told on him and promises not to do it again but he can’t help taking more money when nobody’s looking.

Romeo overhears Casey discussing the difficulties involved in getting a job with his criminal record and suggests to Indi that they take him on at the gym. Indi’s dead against it – she doesn’t want a convicted criminal on the staff. Romeo’s adamant, however, and offers Casey a part-time position if he undergoes a fitness course. Casey’s over the moon and gladly accepts, later offering Indi his thanks, though she openly admits she didn’t approve. Undaunted, Casey promises he won’t let them down.

And Dex is clearly stressed about starting university again, finding it impossible to balance his study timetable. Seeing how this is affecting him and the rest of the family, April wonders if she’s pushed him into this too soon after his accident and suggests he stay at home to look after Sid. Dex is furious, however, believing that April has no faith in him.