Anita’s angry with Theresa. She knows she saw a gun in Evissa, no matter what anyone says. Theresa guiltily tries to make things up to Anita, hopeful they can be friends again. No sooner is Theresa’s back turned, when Kyle grabs Anita – he wants to know who got Theresa pregnant and he will hurt Anita unless she tells. Frightened, Anita lets slip something that pricks Kyle’s interest. Kyle muscles into Theresa’s house and demands she tell him the truth.

Lauren wakes in hospital with Leo by her bedside. She reaches for his hand, but he doesn’t respond. Leo hopes that Gaz forced Lauren to lie to Spencer, He’s sickened that they convinced Spencer she was having his baby. Disgusted by her little sister, Sasha refuses to visit Lauren. Leo tries to pull his fractured family together but gets terrible news about Lauren’s health.

Tony is convinced that he will have an amicable divorce from Cindy as Dom notes how quick she was to go back to Darren. Tony’s hurt but sticks to his guns – it needn’t get nasty. Dom thinks Tony is living in cloud cuckoo land and refuses to let him be taken for a mug.

Also; flushed with scratchcard fortune, Cheryl thinks Jack is after her. Keen to escape him, she has a brilliant idea about how to spend her cash and make the most of her assets.

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