Kyle does it with style

Jade tells Kate about Kyle’s fear of public speaking, knowing that if anyone can get through to him, it will be her. Sure enough, Kyle not only faces his fears but overcomes them, delivering a winning speech at the launch. Jade’s put out when he only thanks Kate, and can’t help but be jealous of the connection between Kate and Kyle. The three of them head out to celebrate Kyle’s success and, at Charlie’s, Kate meets Rhys. He turns on the charm… but will Kate fall for it? Lou is so pleased with the new business venture that he makes a big decision – he’s off to East Timor!

Karl and Susan do their best not to talk about Jim, but their irritation with each other manifests itself in minor domestic niggles. They also have to keep up appearances in front of their friends. Lou’s so excited about his trip he doesn’t notice the tension, but Malcolm can see through it and suspects their marriage is in crisis. Karl bumps into Rhys at Charlie’s, and Rhys makes a dig about pushing in where he’s not wanted. It’s enough to reignite Karl’s anger at Susan. How long can the Kennedys keep up their public show of unity?