Kyle drops a bombshell on Aaron

Aaron is flourishing as Sonya’s assistant and accepts free champagne from the hotel’s Development Manager, Tom Quill. When he discovers Tom’s interested in him romantically he tells Kyle and he reveals how much he is missing Nate. This forces Kyle to drop the bombshell that Nate’s already back in the country.

Steph and Mark’s kiss ends awkwardly when Mark isn’t sure about taking things further. Later, he confides in Tyler, who warns his big brother that Steph has too much baggage. But when Sonya sees Steph and Mark together she realises this is more then just friendship.

Tyler asks for Imogen’s help with his costume for the fun run but she gets more than she bargained for when she realises he’s gone commando. When the pair stop at The Waterhole on the way, Tyler experiences a very public wardrobe malfunction – right in front of the Mayor and Tom Quill!