Kyle still hasn’t told Phoebe that her father is the mystery man terrorising the Braxton household. Meanwhile, Mark begs Phoebe to come back to Melbourne. Mark’s plea is interrupted by a phone call from Kyle, ready to reveal the bad news, but Phoebe’s enthusiasm for her father knocks Kyle’s resolve.

Brax takes matters into his own hands, tracking down the man Mark hired to trash the house. He meets up with Mark and tells him that the man is happy to go to the police if Mark does not leave town. It works and Mark tells Kyle and Phoebe he’s returning to Melbourne.  

Zac is worried he is putting up a confident front and Hannah later finds Oscar asleep on her floor after sleepwalking during the night. Oscar continues to conceal his true state of mind, but when Hannah suggests Oscar should consider going back to school, his fears surface. Later, Hannah and Zac are distressed to find Oscar in the middle of another panic attack.

Jett admits that he went on the boat because he was worried John and Marilyn would split up after John refused Marilyn’s marriage proposal. However, John mentions that Jett should not be rewarded after behaving so irresponsibly. But  when John realises how bad Jett feels, he gives in.