Heath decides to fly to London to find Bianca. Meanwhile, Brax tries to avoid Casey, having learnt that Johnny Barrett is his father. He tells Casey to stay away from the Barretts, but Casey becomes suspicious. Brax decides to fly to London to speak to Ricky and then Casey also decides to join them. Kyle realises that now Bianca and Ricky have left and Heath, Brax and Casey are now all going to London, he is left to look after everything.

Marilyn moves in with John and Jett and asks to rearrange the kitchen. While both men are out of the house, Marilyn completely reorganises the kitchen area, having gotten carried away. John thinks she’s gone too far but does not know whether to tell her.

Maddy attempts to repair Spence and Sasha’s relationship, but Sasha is more interested in helping Matt, who she learns is dropping out of school. Having broken into Leah’s student files, Sasha visits Matt’s house in an effort to convince him to come back to school. He refuses, but finds him looking after his sister by himself.

Also, Colleen continues to ring Alf and Roo, having been left alone by Lance and Debbie with a broken toe.